Getting New? What to Do?

Size up what you’ve got.  What do you use your computer for?  

How long have you had it?
Having any troubles at this time?
Research.  Look at what’s come out since then.  
       Changes since your last Mac?  
              Memory, speed,
             Size of screen,  shiny or not?  
             Small screen of the iPad in place of a laptop?
               Battery life
                APC - Backups   Do you need more capacity? 
What would you like to be able to use your computer for?
What improvements would you like to have?
Write a list so you can review and add to the ideas you have. Brainstorm with someone. 
Print off info from websites and compile a folder of applicable resources.
Then, make that next big decision!  Apple can help you do your best!  
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Check out resources in this list.  Your busy brain will come up with other ideas, too!
Where can I get it fixed, or where can I buy a new one? Try this link. Also see list of Apple stores that sell iPod, iPad, Apple Computers, AppleTV, iPhone. 
Some Apple Stores in the valley: 
Arrowhead Mall 623-707-2860
Biltmore, 2502 E. Camelback Rd.   602-606-1470
Scottsdale Quarter, 15169 N. Scottsdale Rd.  
  corner of Scottsdale Rd. and Greenway Pkwy,  480-627-5501 
Repairs and refurbished Apple computers:
Desert Computer Solutions 16213 S. 33 St. Phoenix. 602-295-5918
New & used computers, accessories, books, parts, services, fix your computer: 
 MacMedia store 15525 N. 83 Ave #108,  Peoria.  623-850-8000  (Look at their map to more easily find this location.) 
                             Prepare before you get that new computer. 
Apple Stores will help you.  Terms on the Apple store One to One service. Data migration, personal training, group training and open training at an Apple store. 
Tips and links to sites with cleaning applications to remove unneeded files, etc.'s_Hard_Drive
How to use Migration Assistant to transfer files from another Mac.     Do not let either computer go to sleep while you are attempting to migrate; this tells how to disable sleep on both computers.  
What’s the latest?   Go for Sandy Bridge now or wait for Ivy Bridge?   Ask if the new system has Ivy Bridge or be prepared to find the processor’s specific model number and compare it to part lists from Intel or other trusted sources.   Intel will make several versions available under Core i5 and Core i& names.  Describes USB 3.0 support, Thunderbolt ports.  
The new 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros feature Intel’s speedy new Sandy Bridge Core i7 quad-core CPUs, available up to 2.3GHz, along with AMD Radeon HD graphics processors (GPU), with up to 1GB of dedicated video memory.
Despite new update, new Apple MacBook Pros continue to crash when running multiple programs. Read more:
Get ready for Mountain Lion OS X 10.8    Backup.  Disable FileVault. Disable third-party encryption.  Run software update.  Check for Mountain-Lion compatible updates to third-party software, setup iCloud account, maybe have an extra drive handy. 
Pre-install Tasks:  Disk Utility, click First Aid and click Verify.  Feeling cautious, run Apple Hardware Test
Going to sell an old Mac?  Do you want to deal directly with some stranger?  Be careful, plan ahead.  
How to prepare your old Mac for sale or recycling:   Get an Apple Gift Card for its value, recycled.
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This was today's handout at the PMUG General Meeting at the Prescott Public Library.  Hope to see you at the October meeting!