From Problem to Solution

Having a Problem Downloading New Software?
Is your ISP Cable One?
Do you have a Motorola Cable Modem?

Howard LaPittus wants you to know what to do. (Yes, believe it or not,  he wrote a technical article, what is the world coming to?)  So, from problem to solution, let's hear from Howard. "If you answered yes to all of the above questions and you have the Firewall Protection checked as Enable in the set up of the Motorola Modem this could be the cause of the problem. "To solve this issue put in your browser and you will come to the Motorola Login page. User name: admin, Password: motorola. (Both Login and Password is lower case) Click the login in button and at the top of the next page click on Firewall. On that page you will see Web Features and if Firewall Protection is checked Enable, uncheck and Apply. Log out and now you’re now good to go. "Thanks to the suggestion made by John Carter, I contacted Cable One to have my line checked for static, which could cause problems download. I spoke to a Cable One technical representative who was very knowledgeable about Mac computers. He did find a problem with the line, and I did not have a clean connection. He said that is was caused by having the firewall enabled on my Motorola modem. Yes, Motorola and Macs sometimes to do play together well." (So, Howard, all I had to do was put in a few commas.)