Flash Player Problem -- Solved!

     This just in from John Carter: If anyone finds that they are unable to view the videos at http://tv.adobe.com, you're not alone. That problem has been discovered recently by several Mac users.
Viewing a Flash Player video at other sites, even other Adobe sites, is, for the most part, okay (with some notable exceptions).
     If anyone out there can see the videos at tv.adobe.com, please DON'T UPDATE ANYTHING! Notify John Carter immediately and give him an opportunity to figure out why your machine works and others don't.
     And now.....the rest of the story.  Problem solved!
     John found the problem with his Mac that prevented him from seeing the videos at http://tv.video.com. It turned out to be a file in ~/Library/Preferences. Troubleshooting this problem took the better part of a whole day.
     The problem was first isolated by logging in as another user. The problem was not there with the other user. So this meant that the problem had to be associated with one or more files in ~/Library/Preferences of his own login environment. It turned out to be a file associated with Macromedia. By removing the folder ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia and logging out and back in, the problem went away.
     When a file or folder is removed from ~/Library/Preferences, the application that used one or more of the files removed will recreate the files with default preferences information.
      Thanks, John for your persistence in working the problem through and sharing with the rest of us.  (It is sort of over my head.)