Finding a PMUG Writer

You’ve found this blog and are informed and entertained by reading it. You’ve noticed quotes from De Prez Allen Laudenslager and others. In fact, you just read something sent to us from John Carter yesterday. You can find all the other information a particular person has sent. Go to the top of this Home page, fill in the little search box with a name and let the Blogspot do the finding for you. Other contributors include Art Gorski, David Passell, Roger Lakner, De Former Prez Jim Hamm and Bill Williamson.  

If you subscribe to Google Alert you can also be notified when one of your favorite writers has something posted here or elsewhere on the Internet. Go to Google Home Page, under More, and then Even More.  Click on Alerts and sign up for the person or topic of your choice.  You'll get notified by email. Nifty!