Finder Tip

        John Carter shares a tip to save time and frustration:  "When copying files off of a camera and onto the computer, it's not likely that you'll remember to first create a new folder to put them into. Or maybe you're just trying to reorganize the files in your computer. Did you know that you can create a new folder containing selected files?

        "So here's another scenario. I was collecting a series of screenshots of an involved process to save for a presentation. All of the screenshots are saved in the Pictures folder. After saving the screenshots, I wanted to put them all in a new folder. Now I could have created the folder and then moved the files into the new folder. But a simpler approach was to first select all the files, then in the Menu Bar click on File->New Folder with Selection. Or, right click on the selection and click on New Folder with Selection. What's interesting is that you will also see in parentheses the number of files that are selected. 
When you select that, a new folder in the current folder is created like this:  
It's your job to rename the folder."