Explore How Google Translates

        Curiosity is piqued by the latest forward from Jim Hamm.  It's supposed to be how to separate a yolk from the rest of the egg, but it's in Chinese, or Japanese, or something that looks like that.  Sure enough, the site http://bbs.wenxuecity.com/cooking/1160651.html  comes up and you can see how she does it.
        But, wait!  Google translate will help.  Go to Google > More > Translate.  Paste into the first box what you copied from that URL.  Up comes the English translation.  You can click on the little icon for sound in the bottom of that first box and hear the woman read it in her language.  (You can type in text or a website address or translate a document by pasting it into the first box.)  Experiment.  And see how cleverly she separates the yolk from the rest of the egg!

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