Discussing Rival e-Book Readers

        How compatible are the various rival e-book readers?  Jim Hamm forwards this link to David Pogue's article clarifying some of his earlier comments.
        So, Jim, what does Zee like best?  What do you like best?
         "Zee likes both her iPad and Kindle at different times. The iPad can't be used in sunlight or bright conditions, and it's heavier to hold. But, the display is bright and has color. Good for magazines.
        "The Kindle, on the other hand, is lighter and can be used in bright light. And, the small Kindle is only $79. Hard to pick just one.
        "Overall, I think the iPad has more flexibility, but it's a lot more expensive. If you only want to read ebooks, I'd get the Kindle. It's light and works great as a book reader. If you want more than just to read books -- email, surf the net, read the news, etc., the iPad is terrific. I really enjoy my iPad, as does Zee. Powerful device."