CrossOver for Your Windows App. Again?

        "CrossOver has been a little disappointing for me in the past," relates John Carter.  He goes on to explain,  "It installs. The Windows app I want to run installs. The Windows app works one or two times. Then it just stopped working. Uninstalling CrossOver isn’t an easy task, and that’s what I’ve tried in the past to try to get the Windows app to work again, which it would, but only for a little while. 
        "I think that every time Apple comes out with an OS update it breaks CrossOver, but there hasn’t been a corresponding update from CrossOver to fix the problem.
        John continues, "CodeWeavers just announced a new release of CrossOver (13.1.0). This release claims to make Quicken 2014 run on your Mac. And for what it’s worth, it just might make all my other Windows apps run better, if only for a little while.
        "As in the past, if it works for the one Windows app you want to run on your Mac, then it’s a lot cheaper than having to purchase a Windows OS, purchase a Virtual Machine like VMWare or Parallels, and then also deal with the many other updates of the Virtual Machine software just to run your favorite Windows app."