Apple Files New Patents for iPen

        "What?" exclaims John Carter.  "A stylus for the iOS device? Unheard of. Well, not entirely. I have purchased several stylii over the past year only to either lose them in the wash or ignore them altogether—because they just don’t work as well as my finger!

        "But, let’s take a look at Apple’s idea for a stylus. 
        "First, it will be expandable. Add a camera or a laser pointer. Or turn it into a power source. 
        "Second, it will be Wi-Fi linked via Bluetooth. I think Apple’s ideas are a bit on the fantastic side, but as a toy, it will sell. As a tool for designers, it will sell. As a tool for businessmen, it will sell. 
        "But for us minions? What will it do for us?"
        And here's John's opinion:   "I think you’ll have to read the news release from minyanville here and then wait and see. After all, the iPhone was big hit, the iPod was a big hit, the iPad was a big hit, and Apple Fanboys everywhere are probably sitting on the edge of their seat breathlessly awaiting the big event of the iPen.
        "The next thing we’ll be saying is, “i-What?” What will Apple think of next?"