Copy & Paste Program

          Can a simple copy and paste operation be improved and made easier? David Passell thinks so.  He recommends a small, free program called Jumpcut.  As he describes it, "It can be useful when gathering subjects from a number of different sources, (e.g. googling a lot of related subjects).  Unlike Clipboard it will save selections through a shutdown and restart.  Experiment with it and see how you like it."
          Curiosity picking up here?  Take a look at the program in action on this YouTube video. And, here's the place to download Jumpcut.

David sends us a few precautions:
1. If you have a lot of extra items in the menu bar the scissors may not show up. Increase the screen resolution or remove the items. Or, better, just use its CTRL-OPT-V hot key to display the list transparently over a target document.
2. It will not cut/paste images. You will just see a blank space in the dropdown under the scissors.
3. You can only select one item at a time to paste.
4. The most recent item is at the top of the list.
5. The menu bar of an application in use (such as Word or Pages) may obscure the scissors icon. You will need to return to finder. Just click outside the application's window, then select the item to paste, then return to the application. Better still use the CTRL-OPT-V hot key to select the items you want to paste. It even provides reference numbers. The lowest is the last saved (Use the "sticky bezel" preference so it stays put.)
6. You can quit (only through the menu dropdown which also lets you set preferences ) if you want to cut and paste images or screen shots, then restart Jumpcut to continue with saving text items. For that reason you should put it in the dock. You will not see it anywhere else except the applications folder.
          David's word of encouragement, "This should interest a lot of members. Experiment with it and see how you like it."