Router Hack?

For your possible interest, here is an article about Russian hackers carrying out attacks on home routers. The article doesn't mention how widespread this issue is, but I don't like the sound of it.  As Kim Komando says in the article, "this is a big deal, so pay attention".

The article provides a link to F-Secure where you can check to see if your router has been hacked. Another link to provides several tests to see how secure your browser's web service requests are. 

I did both the router and browser tests and came out OK. I suspect we'll read more in the coming weeks about how widespread the Russian attacks are.

Jim Hamm

Routers, Switches, Network Hardware

        What is a router and what does it do? What difference is there in the WiFi speeds?  Why are network hubs no longer needed? 
        Well, Jim Hamm found this article to explain these to the person with a need to know.  "Here's an article explaining how a home network functions," he says.

A Review of Apple's New Router

        "Here is a review of Apple's new router," begins Jim Hamm.   "It gets good marks with one exception: it is not friendly with PCs, which I think is a huge mistake by Apple. One initially needs a Mac or iOS device to set it up. Afterwards, a PC can connect and use it easily. But Apple is missing a huge chunk of the router market by not designing it to be PC friendly to set it up.

        Jim closes with these comments,  "For years I've used use the older Apple Extreme router, and both of them have worked flawlessly. Next time I get a router, it will be this new one from Apple."