before you sell or trade

Before You Sell or Give Away Your Mac

        Jim Hamm provides this very important information.  Before you sell or give away your Mac there are definite steps to take to protect your information that's now on the computer.  The article here also tells how to return your Mac to its original "out-of-the-box" state.  Read this from Apple dated 8-5-13: 

Seven Ways to Offload Used Electronics

        The headline asks, "Got an old iPod?  Seven ways to offload your used electronics for cash."  That got PMUG Prez Art Gorski's attention, and he passes along this Arstechnica site.  The article describes these companies: Gazelle, Amazon, NextWorth, uSell, Totem, Apple, Radio Shack.  There's 58 comments to look at, too.