Are You New to the Mac Computer? Mac 101

        "Here is the start of a new series of instructions for the new Mac user," writes Jim Hamm.  
        Yesterday, (10-4) Macworld started a new series of How-To for the new Mac user.  Go there, bookmark it, and watch for that weekly posting.  That’s if you want to hear about everybody else’s problems!  You’ll have to sort that out.      
        HOWEVER,  in the Prescott area you have PMUG and you have the PMUG monthly SIGs (Special Interest Groups.)  

        Sometimes asking a smiling person at our meetings can be more helpful than reading a whole book!  You'll find people at PMUG who previously used PC, you'll find people who just got their first Mac or iPhone or iPad, you'll find people who have used Mac since 1984.  And here on this blog you'll find all sorts of help.  Scan through the Labels on the right hand side to get an idea.   
        See you on the 20?  Ginger Carlson will give you a cookie!