Apple is a Worldwide Leader

        "Here is an article which graphically summarizes what an impact the iPad -- and other tablets -- have had on the computer industry," is how Jim Hamm begins.  "I can remember when the iPad first came out and reading about all the snickering of the name, the cost, the lack of being a 'real' computer, etc, of a tablet. But people sure buy tablets -- to the detriment of PC shipments."
       Jim goes on to comment, "I can also recall Microsoft's Ballmer's derision of the iPhone when it first came out. Now just look how smart phones have taken off. I bet a high % of the population in the U.S. owns one."

       And here's Jim's conclusion, "Like it or not -- technology moves on and leaders of successful companies need to recognize that or fade away. The Blackberry phone comes to mind as I type this statement. Then I look at the stagnation in growth of HP and Dell and think hmmmm?"