Apple & iPhone Updates

Keeping up with the latest?  Jim Hamm forwards to us these links about features for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. Here's the Apple sneak preview.  MobileCrunch says there have been 50 million iPhones sold so far, and their article discusses multi-tasking, iAd, a huge Mail update, and a "bunch of other stuff."  The third link takes you to a one hour video of a presentation of OS 4 done mostly by Steve Jobs.

Jim summarizes the video, "It is impressive, and really gives you a better understanding of what this new OS does. After you see this, stop and think a minute. All this comes from a phone. Remember, something we use to just make phone calls on.  Love it or hate it, the iPhone is really one amazing device."

For today's article (dated 4-12-10) that covers the latest from Apple on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,  iAds, and more see Barron's "Apple Throws a Potent iPunch."