Another iPad Use

        "This past weekend I was at a music festival in Flagstaff and came upon another use for the iPad."  Jim Hamm catches our attention.  
        "The sound technicians, from their control booth way out in front of the stage, was using an iPad, at the control booth, and the new Apple Extreme Router, to wirelessly control the sound of microphones and monitors on the stage. The router was transmitting the commands, via Wifi, from the iPad at the control booth to another iPad on the stage, which, in turn, was connected to the various microphone and monitors." 

        Jim goes on to explain,  "This design saves the technicians time and effort from having to string long cables from the control booth to the microphones and monitors on the stage, which is always such a hassle and there's always concern about people stepping on or tripping over the cables. This design worked flawlessly. Interesting concept, and yet another ingenious use for an iPad."