An iPad Experience: From Frown to Smile!

        "Last week I had the misfortune to drop my beloved iPad and crack the screen." exclaimed Mary Ann Clark.  She explained, "I took it to our local Apple repair shop but they don't handle iPad repairs. The kind gentleman did give me information about a service that could repair it for $189.00. Before sending it off I checked Google and discovered that even though the screen isn't covered under the warranty, sometimes an Apple store will do a courtesy replacement. It seemed like a trip to the valley was in order."
        She described what happened next. "I made an appointment at one of the Phoenix-area stores and drove down the next morning. They weren't able to do a free swap (that program ended when the new iPad was announced) but they 'repaired' my iPad by giving me a new one for $199. (Because this was a repair rather than a purchase there was no sales tax. Yea!) And I walked out with my new iPad the same day.
        "I also discovered that Apple now offers AppleCare Plus for the iPad that includes damage from accidents like mine, spilling liquids on it and the like. With this new AppleCare, my repair would only have been $45. This wasn't available when I first got my iPad but the new one is now covered!"
        And her conclusion, "Not a bad experience, all considered."