About iPad -- Of Course!

        What did you expect to read in the news today?  The iPad is here, of course.  Jim Hamm is grinning as he informs us that Zee's new iPad is due in today, and her new case was delivered at 7 pm last night.  "I have no plans to abandon my iPad 2, but as Jason (Snell) cautions, I haven't see the new retina display yet. Wonder if I could talk Zee into swapping with me."
        Jim refers to this by Jason Snell, MacWorld.  And he has found a peek inside the new iPad here.  Jim remarks, "It is mostly battery, with a small logic board, small electronic parts, and lots of adhesive.  I wonder, when they try to reassemble this, will it work again?"
        You'll find lots of news stories about today's debut at the Apple Stores.  Here's one other article.