A Tip on Mail

        A tip on Mail comes from John Carter who informs us, "If you're using the Mail application to read and write email, and if your email protocol for the account is IMAP, you may have noticed that when you are creating a new message that quite a few copies of your unfinished (and finished) message shows up in the Trash. This is because you have an option set in Mail Preferences for you email account to store Draft messages on the server.

        "You can remedy this, and reduce the amount of Trash you get, by unsetting that option in Mail Preferences for that, and any, IMAP account.
        "The reason for the multiple copies of the incomplete messages is that Mail performs a save operation quite often (not a programmable feature). For any IMAP account, each save gets sent to the server, and the server then puts it in the Trash, and that Trash then gets sent back to Mail. So even if you just sit on a message before sending it, multiple copies of that draft will get sent to the server and then sent back to you as trash."  
        Thanks to John we know more than we did before!  (You did remember to click on the screen shot to enlarge it?  Good!)