A Must-Have iOS App

        "How many times have you wanted to access a file that is on your computer (Mac or PC) from your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone? Even if it was only once, you know how frustrated you got because it just didn’t seem like it would be possible," begins John Carter.  
        Now, John offers some helpful info. "Enter FileBrowser from Stratospherix.

        "FileBrowser is the original and best file manager and viewer for iOS 7. FileBrowser can view, copy, move, upload, download, stream, and manage files between computers, servers, NAS drives and cloud storage in any direction. You don’t need to install any other software - FireBrowser will scan and locate computers on your network and connect in seconds, and will connect to cloud storage quickly, too. You can even use FileBrowser to quickly access all your photos and music on your iOS 7 device. Everything - all in one place!
        And John concludes with, "Get a full review of FileBrowser in the App Store. This is something you won’t want to pass by. Don’t let the $5.99 price tag let you miss out on this must-have app."