A Handy Summary of Tips

        Yesterday Jim Hamm sent us a summary of 26 OS X tips that might be useful, with the notation: "To get to the rest of the tips on the website, look to the right of the 'Tap to Click' tip and you'll see an arrow to click to get you to the 2nd tip, et al."
         I asked for details:  Which tip did you think was best for you?  "I liked tip #24: how to force quit a program."  Any tip you didn't already know?  "I had probably read most of them over time, but had forgotten some.  This was a good refresher."  Any tip of yours that they didn't have listed? "One I use all the time in Safari to quickly send a URL link to someone in Mail by doing a Shift plus Command plus I."              
        So there you go, your morning is launched with ideas to try!