April 14, 2018

10 am to noon

Yavapai College, Building 4 Room 102

Program: Files App and iCloud

Apple has been working on “cloud” based services since they came out with MobileMe (also known as iTools, then .Mac) in the year 2000. In 2012, they came out with iCloud. Frank Croft will be talking about what it is now, how it works, and showing some of the many services that it provides. Since Apple is moving more to the cloud, this will benefit everyone who has a Mac and/or an iOS device. Presentation Notes. Audio Version of talk (requires VLC or equivalent software).

Mac Basics: Be an Apple Genius by Bobbie Pastor.

What do you do when your Mac goes wrong? Bobbie has a little handbook that shows you how to diagnose problems with unresponsive Macs. Presentation Notes.

Meeting Tidbits:

✤ Battery Health. Link
✤ Using basic dictation commands. Link
✤ Free up storage on your iPhone and iPad. Link 

PMUG meets the 2nd Saturday morning at 10 AM in Building 4, Room 102 at the Prescott campus of Yavapai College. Exceptions will be when the college is closed. Map. Meeting agenda consists of one or two presentations followed by a membership meeting (guests are welcome to attend). (Link to Meeting Minutes)