Your Family Reunion!

        Sooner or later you’ll probably volunteer to head up your family reunion, won’t you? What a way to make memories and enjoy conversations and great food. But, yes, it involves some work. Thankfully, you will use your Mac; that makes the job easier.
        Let’s start with Address Book. A lot of preparation here, but it saves time later. You’ll be notifying the relatives, later reminding the relatives, corresponding with them, and then finally thanking them after it’s over.
        Probably you’ve already got those names and addresses of the chosen relatives under a title such as Christmas Cards. Click under File to make a Family Reunion 2011 group. Now just drag address listings under Name to add them to this group.
        If some of the relatives have email you might not want to notify them by mail. For this, just click to Edit individual cards and omit the mailing address. When you open Mail and New Message just type in the group name, Family Reunion 2011. The names of those people who do have email addresses will be the recipients.
        For relatives without email you will mail the Reunion info. When you have Address Book open click on the Group name. At the menu at the top of the screen go to File > Print. Uncheck Attributes since they don’t apply. Click on Address Book and see the selections available. Click on Style and see the selections there. You can print on the envelopes or print out address labels. Under Paper Size you have lots of possibilities.
        Under Style is where you choose the address label size. Click on Mailing Labels and note two places: Layout and Label. Specify to print in alphabetical order or postal code order. You can choose the font name and size. Lucida Grande - 12.0 comes up automatically.
        Click on Layout. I’m using Avery Standard labels, 5160. You get a little preview look to verify that’s what you want.
        Now for sharing some wonderful family photos, old and new. Call on Keynote!
        Go to Applications > iWork 9 and look at Keynote. This is the handy way to make a slideshow for the Reunion. Up comes Theme Chooser. Nifty templates are ready for your pictures to be added. On the menu at the top of the screen go to Help > Video Tutorials. Brush up on the how-to directions and then play and have fun. It’s Mac and it’s easy.

        Next to Numbers! Now to make lists, lists, and more lists. Go to iWork > Numbers and choose a format, perhaps Checklist, Budget, Expense, or Event Planner. Take a look at all the possibilities on the Event Planner template shown just above. Click on illustration to enlarge.
        Obviously, you want to delegate, delegate and delegate. Location? Menu? Assigned photographer? Name tags? Written introductions? Music?
        Map: Google > Prescott Valley AZ then click on You can email the URL or go in closer to do a screen shot of the area on the map you want to print off and send to family.
        Accommodations in Prescott: Google: hotels, Prescott AZ and up comes listings with links, descriptions, prices, reviews, directions, etc.
        If you haven’t already done it, make a new folder on your desktop and put all of these items you’re working on into it.
        Going to make up a booklet of family remembrances, names & dates, etc? Go to for the Mac ClickBook program. Inexpensive & easy to do.
        Plan ahead! You’ll appreciate your Mac computer all the more as you sail through the Family Reunion this year!
        (If you attended today's PMUG meeting you received the printed copy of this handout.  If you weren't there WE MISSED YOU.  See you in July?)