WWDC 2012

        "Would you like to attend Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, if only vicariously?" asks Jim Hamm.  Of course! we answer.  And he goes on to say,  "Here's a set of 63 pictures taken live (by PC Magazine staff) during the conference. Very interesting, and note how 'well-dressed' the execs are onstage — definitely a carryover of Job's style.

        "Facetime calls will be available via a cellular network in iOS 6, which will make the carriers happy, no doubt — having to carry all that extra video load from cell tower to cell tower...(grin)...And the upgrade to OS Mountain Lion is now only $20 - a bargain."
Jim gazes back to reminisce, "The whole setting brings back fond memories of when Zee and I attended the MacWorld Expo at Moscone Center in February, 2008. Jobs introduced the MacBook Air then, and, of course, I 'had' to buy one when we returned home. Enjoy the trip."