WOW! We're Listed with Woz

Our PMUG makes it to the top of the list. Not any list, mind you, but the Woz List. Feast your eyes on this,   a live link to our PMUG site. How did we get here? De Prez Howard LaPittus, take a bow!Howard emailed Janet Wozniak (Steve’s wife) who’s listed as a contact on Steve Wozniak’s website. Steve (as we know!) is the co-founder of Apple. Howard noticed that site's list of World Wide User Groups, and he inquired about having our PMUG listed. Janet emailed back to Howard, commenting “Woz and I are both big Mac fans. I have worked for Apple in the Education division for 15 ears. I used to go to the user group in Kansas when I lived there, and it was always a great experience.” Take a look at the Woz site; “you could spend hours on this page. It can really make you feel good you own a Mac. Enjoy!