Widgets That Make You Say, "Wow"

        Quick little smidgeons of information, awaiting your summons. Touch that magical key F-4 and there they are, the chosen few, popping up in front of anything else you have up on your screen.  (Click on the illustrations to enlarge the screenshot.)

        Choose them from a long list of categories at http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/ There are thousands to choose from! What fun to explore the possibilities.
        You'll see that many are free, so how nifty is that!  They're simple to add, and when you change your mind, they're easy to delete.
        A Google search for Mac:widgets brings up other websites with comments and suggestions. You’d want to specify a time limit under “Any time” so that your search could have a reasonable date. Here I wanted to check Past Year, but there are other specifications at your finger tips.
                                                        What are the Top Widgets today? 

        When you’re done viewing the widgets on your screen just click anywhere on the screen off of a widget and you’re back in business with whatever.
         Even if you’re satisfied with the widgets you already have you might spend some productive moments viewing what else is available.
        Some, like Astronomy Picture of the Day (below) have a place to click (here is is D) to show you the reverse side for more info.
        Click on the X at the bottom left on your screen and bring up a wide view of your choices. Here’s just a few for my illustration.

        Here’s a view of the corner of my screen with 5 of my widgets. They can be dragged to any position on the screen. Here mine are in front of a blank Pages page. Widgets come up in front of whatever you already have open.
        The National Doppler Radar widget enlarges when it’s clicked.
        What widgets do you use?
(The above is today's PMUG handout.  If you missed the meeting we MISSED you.  If you were there now you see the color version of the screenshots.  See you later! -- Elaine)