Why NOT to go to Lion

Now, it's time for a smile!  Here's David Passell's take on why he will not be going to Lion until --
        1. Others have torn their hair out (I've already lost mine) and stomped on the bugs.
        2. I get another high capacity HD to totally backup my system. All the ones I have including the one in my Mini are much under the 10% free recommendation. I have lots of space on my Time Machine backup drive, but I am told I can't use it.
        3. I learn more about why I should want this Latest and Greatest System. I don't buy iTunes Movies or Tunes.
        4. I decide to be patient and keep all instruments like axes, clubs, and large mallets out of reach. I don't think it is true that older people become more patient  :)
        5. It might also help if Apple would sell install DVDs in addition to forcing people to download gigabytes. They aren't that costly.