Which Mac Laptop to Buy?

        "If you are possibly be in the market for a new Mac laptop, should you consider Apple's new, 12-inch MacBook?" asks Jim Hamm.  " Here is an article with a very good review of Apple's new offering, and the author's opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of it.
        "And here is another article with some comments about the 12-inch MacBook, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro. The author mentions that the MacBook laptop line is getting a bit crowded, what with three, somewhat similar, MacBooks.
        "Ah, which one to buy, you ask? A good question, and the articles may help you decide, based on how you plan to use the MacBook, and how much power you might need. I don't think one can go wrong with any of the three." 
        Jim closes with, "I'm very well pleased with my MacBook Air, so I'm not in the market -- at least right now. But it's always interesting to see what Apple is offering next."