What's the Fuss About Flash?

     If you've been hearing about Flash you may be wondering, "What's the fuss?"  Here's a quick look.  Flash adds animation and "dynamic interaction" to a website.  Some people have had a lot of trouble with it.          
     When you go to the Search box at the top of this blog and type in "Flash" it brings up postings that mention Flash:  September 3, December 16, January 30, and February 2.
      Jim Hamm comments, "I don't mind ads on a website, only those aggravating ads that flash on and off like a sign on a motel in Las Vegas.  I'd like the ability to stop them from flashing."  Apple has decided not to have iPhone or iPad support Adobe Flash.  Here's a recent article.
     To download Adobe Flash go here.
     A Safari plug-in, ClickToFlash, prevents Flash from loading on the webpage. Jim Hamm says, "I've not tried this yet, but I used to use a Flash blocker when I used a PC.  If anyone uses, or has used, this plug-in I'd appreciate hearing your comments, pro and con."  Here is a link where you can download ClickToFlash.
      Go to Google and do a search on "Flash Mac" and you'll have plenty of places for research.