What's Happening with SIG?

For the next few months Dan and Erica Simpson are taking a little time off from hosting and presenting the topics of the monthly SIG (Special Interest Group).  As Dan announced to PMUG at our September meeting Apple's new sales focus now prevents Dan from making sales as a business agent. 

With our regular SIG on temporary hold De Prez, Jim Hamm is looking for ideas.  Here's where PMUG members can help. 
John Carter has been asked to do a SIG event, but he needs to know if there is any interest in hearing about the Unix commands in Terminal mode.  What, you ask?  Well, if you are curious about this mode of using the Mac, please let John know.  
He explains, "There are many useful commands that can be helpful to the average Mac user and there are some applications that are only available from the command line (terminal mode). Most of the Unix commands are really intended for programmers and administrators."
Contact John at mailto:john@jrcarter.com:?Subject= "PMUG: Using Unix commands."