What's Happening With Microsoft Word?

The headlines (August 12, 2009) grab our attention. "Texas Judge Rules Microsoft Can't Sell Word Anymore." This article goes on to explain, "Microsoft Word's XML systems violate patents by Toronto-based i4i Inc. Word uses XML in reading and writing XML, DOCX, and DOCM files. The lawsuit alleges that MS violated i4i's 1998 XML patent #5,787,449. The injunction will go into effect in 60 days and prevent Microsoft from selling or demonstrating Microsoft Word. MS will have to pay i4i about $290 million in damages."

"Wow!" exclaims Jim Hamm. "Wonder why this patent violation took over 10 years for i4i Inc. to recognize and file suit, or maybe it's been working in the court system for 10 years. I presume MS will appeal this decision. In a decision like this, I wonder if retailers that have MS Word in stock can continue to sell the product until they run out?"

Here is one pertinent article, "i4i says it's 'not out to destroy' Microsoft Word."

Another article headlines, "Court Ban on Microsoft Word Won't Hurt Users."

This is i4i's own website here.