What IS This "Net Neutrality"?

        Jim Hamm jumps in on the latest political controversy.  He starts off with, "If you've read or heard about the term 'net neutrality,' as I have, and wondered exactly what that meant, as I have, here is an article from the Lifehacker newsletter that gives a good summary of the term. There are arguments to be made both for and against net neutrality, and the FCC has proposed some rules of its own.
        "Here's one example of an issue on internet usage that comes to mind: if, say, you're on cable for your internet connection and in your neighborhood there are several people that like to download movies. They may well soak up much of the available bandwidth and your internet connection slows to a crawl. Should they pay more because they're using an 'excessive' (whatever that means?) amount of bandwidth? Or should the cable company spend more to upgrade its network to support the additional load? Or both?
        Jim concludes, "Will be interesting—and perhaps disconcerting— to see how all this shakes out."
        When you go to this site scroll down quite a ways to find the headline, "Closed Internet Ahead Proceed With Caution."  On the way you'll find such helpful articles as, "How to Make Mittens Out of Old Sweaters" and "Top 10 End-of-the-Year Upgrades (You Can Probably Write Off)."