What Happened to "Never"?

        “Never” doesn’t work anymore on Safari, on Google. Not wanting to allow Cookies to establish their territories on my computer I have clicked on “Only from Sites I Visit” under Preferences > Security only when I want to post to my blogs, as is required by blogspot. Then, as soon as I’m done I’d go to Security, click Show Cookies and choose Remove All. Next, I’d promptly do Done and change Accept Cookies to “Never.” After that I could check back at any time and see that “Never” had done its job. No cookies were listed.
        Now, within the past week or so, “Never” doesn’t live up to its name. A list of websites have found some unknown-to-me loophole and helped themselves to Cookies, showing up in that list. I do Remove All, and select “Never” again, and go to look at the weather, news, etc. When I check again later there’s a new crop of websites that have set up shop.
        Does this have something to do with the Flash Cookies that Jim Hamm had discussed earlier? Scroll down and click on Cookies on the list of Labels on this newsblog. See the previously posted entries.
        I went to the Adobe site to assure myself that the settings were still on.
        Now it was time to see if people much smarter than me had experienced “Never” Cookies.  To make sure only recent articles would come up I chose “Past Year” under AnyTime on the left side of the Google page after entering key words in Search.
        The Apple Discussion group suggests going to Cookies.plist and deselecting AutoFill.
        The Macworld forum has some complaints about Safari permitting cookies.
        On Arstechnica someone mentioned a Cookies.plist in the Library.
        Where is Library? Spotlight doesn’t list it. Go to Finder and click the little house icon in Places. There’s Library with a folder named Cookies. Brings up a list of Geek-talk.
        So, I close here, uncertain as to the solution. Do you have ideas and experiences to share? I’m going to go and check my unwanted Cookies right now.