Welcome to Co-chair PR, Sharon Lampert

        Sharon Lampert will be co-chair for Public Relations for PMUG.  She will serve with Howard Rieder.  
        Let's get acquainted with Sharon.   
        Sharon has been married 39 years and is step-mom to three, one daughter together, and now five grandchildren spread around the country.

        Sharon has worked in Healthcare as RN in the hospital setting, is certified as Lamaze Childbirth Educator, taught classes, attended and assisting in the labor & delivery process (home and hospital births). Returning to school at 50 she completed Women's Health Nurse Practitioner's Program.   In Phoenix she worked in a multi -cultural Women's Clinic.  Besides being certified as a menopause educator, she developed and implemented a holistic program in an OB/GYN Clinic.
     While raising their daughter, she was extensively involved in event planning & fund raising in the school & community. She also founded, developed and implemented the College Career Center at Chaparral High School.
        Sharon enjoys time with her family, knitting, hiking, yoga, reading, photography and women's groups. 
       What about the future?  She retired her medical license in 2012, and hopes to develop a business, doing pregnant belly & newborn photography.
        Thanks to Sharon for volunteering for PMUG.