We Need Better Batteries

        Jim Hamm asks an interesting question: "Although Apple's new MacBook is really thin and small, the big hangup now is the battery -- how to get it smaller? 
        "Look at the inside of the new MacBook and see how small the computing stuff is (especially after getting rid of a spinning hard drive and optical drive), and all the room left for a battery. Although the running hours before recharging have improved by about 50% for a computer battery, the improvement isn't as impressive as for all the electronic stuff." 
        And Jim declares, "Way down the road, Graphene may be the answer for a significant improvement in batteries."  Take a look at the link he sends:  http://thenextweb.com/opinion/2015/03/11/apples-new-macbook-reiterates-how-desperately-we-need-battery-innovation/