Watch Those Emails!

        Jim Hamm sends this latest:  "You probably are already cognizant about this subject, but here's an article about protecting your computer against Java malware. I had disabled Java on my Mac some time ago but hadn't done so on my PC till now, when I read this article. However Java is used on a computer, I haven't noticed missing it once it was disabled.
       "In an unrelated malware incident involving attempted "phishing", I received an email a couple of days ago that looked like it was from Amazon thanking me for my order of Bose speakers for $120. Well, I hadn't ordered any speakers and there was different links in the message that one could click -- but I didn't click any of them. What was interesting was a message to the side that said this might be a "phishing" attempt. Have no idea how/why this was in the email. Anyway, I just deleted the email and checked to insure a charge hadn't got on our credit card for this amount. It hadn't. However, the document from Amazon sure looked real.
       "What with the proliferation of purchases online, think about all the places/websites where you have used your credit card — or at least I have. The bad guys are constantly on the prowl looking for ways to penetrate these websites — and your computer — to steal your credit card number. A life-long battle between them and us it seems," Jim comments.