Watch Out For Scams

Continuing to follow the news of Haiti we are all concerned.  But scammers are already at work.  De Prez Allen Laudenslager advises, "Please put a post on the club blog warning against responding to email requests for Relief to Haiti and recommending that anyone who wishes to help give only through charities they recognized as established charities or check with the Better Business Bureau to be sure the charity is not a scam."
        David Passell writes, "Hi All: According to the news some 400 sites purporting to be for Haiti Relief have sprung up. Many are SCAMS designed to profit the originator or worse to collect personal information. I suggest we ignore this email and advise others to do the same. I wonder if our members might also be getting this?
        "I suggest that to donate, go local; give to Salvation Army, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Red Cross and many others we may know in Prescott."