Warning. . . Just in Time

We have De Previous Prez Allen Laudenslager to thank for this timely warning about the latest updates.  "If you attend the monthly meetings regularly, you should remember Rich Charpentier who presented on how he uses his Mac in his work as a photographer and photo printer."Rich has been blogging for several days on problems he has had with updates to his Mac. If you aren't following Rich's blog, your really should give it a look since he regularly includes not only Mac tips, but some spectacular photos of the local area. "In his current post, Rich talks about his latest round of problems caused by the software update from Apple that updates his HP print drivers and because of the tweaks he needs to print his high quality, large format prints for his customer the updates hose his system. "If any of you have had any problems with your system after incorporating updates, change your process to accept only one update at a time and if you experience any trouble, put that on your 'don't accept this update list' to cut any future problems." Here's a link to Rich's latest post and his blog. Apple Discussions has some give and take on this issue.  (Personally, I think I'll postpone upgrading to the HP 2.5.2 printer software update for my printer-- E. )