Turn Your Computer into Your Personal Radio Station

        "You can turn your computer into your personal radio station," begins Harry Morel.  What a novel idea!  He goes on, "An FM transmitter plugs into your computer’s audio-output port that makes listening to internet radio practical. You can listen on any FM radio. You do not have to listen to your computer’s speakers.
        "The C. Crane Company sells a small FM transmitter for $70. It has an 80 foot broadcast radius.  Put the FM transmitter in the center of your house by using an audio extension cord. Don’t plug short extension cords together.
        "I saw a digital FM transmitter for ~$200 that will broadcast to your neighborhood, therefore, no extension cord needed.
        "You can listen to the radio while walking from room to room. C. Crane Company sells a hands-free digital headset radio called Peltor Work Tunes. It also blocks out background noise. They also sell pillow speakers that rest under your pillow."