Too Old for a Computer? No!

        Take a look at these men and women who are not too old for a computer.  Thanks to David Passell who sent this, "The following is a series of stories about people over 60 who use computers. It is rather long, but interesting." 
        Jim Hamm found it too, and he goes on to say about the article, it's "by a young lady, describing what it's like to use a computer and the internet for two senior ladies: one 87 and the other 90 years of age —and one of which is her Grandmother. One statement really caught my attention: Without Internet, My Great-Grandson Wouldn’t Even Know Me. 

        "For these two ladies, computers and the internet enables them to keep in touch with family in a way that wasn't available just a few years ago. Using a program to chat visually, such as Skype, or a program to make free phone calls, such as Google's e-mail, is another way seniors can use to keep in touch with family. Plus, the challenge of learning and using a computer has got to help keep these ladies mentally alert.
        "Maybe that's why I like to play around with computers — it keeps me sharp! Well, okay, maybe less dumb...(grin)..." Jim