The future of Mac User Groups

Jim Hamm provides us with a New York Times article (link below) about Mac user groups, suggesting that they may have faded in popularity, as evidenced by the following comment in the article: “We’re all suffering the same thing. We’re not getting new people,” said Bob White, 72, a MacNexus member. “A lot of us are senior citizens.” Since PMUG is going strong, Jim hasn't noticed the impact the internet, forums, Apple stores, etc., have had on Mac clubs.

Jim also belongs to the Mac club in Phoenix (AMUG), and has noticed how their membership has shrunk over the years. He enjoys the personal presentations in Mac meetings, and likes to contribute a bit when he can, such as his frequent contributions to the PMUG Blog.

Jim adds, "One can't help but wonder, what does the future hold for Mac user groups?"

John Carter notes that the Prescott Computer Club membership has increased to 140+ recently, and a lot of that increase is due to the flurry of excitement about the Windows 10 release and the public announcements the club makes to get the news out. Just how much attention will the new announcements by Apple this month will bring new members to PMUG is unknown, but due to the high success rate of individuals being able to do their own updates, probably none.

Mac User Groups Fade in Number and Influence, but Devotees Press On