The First to Respond

After reading the earlier posting, challenging PMUG members to relate how they use their Mac we hear from Art Gorski today. He writes, "My everyday routine starts on my MacBook, checking hundreds of RSS feeds with NetNewsWire, a fabulously powerful newsreader, vastly better than Mail or Safari for this purpose. While doing this, I'm listening to audio podcasts that I subscribe to with iTunes.

"Later in the day, I'll use my Mac mini connected to a 37" HD LCD monitor to watch video podcasts that I subscribe to with Miro, a free cross-platform app for this purpose. Many of these are in HD, and look fabulous.

"Currently, I'm using Keynote to work on my presentation for the next PMUG meeting and using OmniGraffle Pro to do scale drawings of a couple of walls in my house where I'm planning to install a tool storage system.

"Occasionally, I use iPhoto to organize my digital camera pics, iMovie (old and new versions) to edit videos I take with my Canon camcorder, and iDVD to burn DVDs to send to friends and family and to archive videos. If I need to edit pictures for other purposes, I use GraphicConverter, since I think Photoshop and even Elements is overkill.

"For financial stuff, I use Quicken, spreadsheets in Numbers, and some on-line tools.

"For word processing, I use TextEdit and Pages. I'm proud to say I have nothing Microsoft installed.

"For troubleshooting, I use AppleJack, Terminal, and DiskWarrior.

"I use Chronosync running daily automatic schedules to backup all three Macs in our home to my ReadyNAS network attached storage box in my structured wiring closet over gigabit ethernet that I had installed when I built our home. We also have an HP Color LaserJet multifunction device that all Macs can print to and scan from that is attached to the same network."
Thanks, Art, for being our first member to respond.