Temporary Price Cut for Password App

        "In security presentations at PMUG meetings, we’ve often mentioned 1Password as one of the apps to use for password security,"  Past Prez Art Gorski reminds us.  He then gives the good news.  Read on!  
        "While LastPass is free and does a good job, 1Password has always been pricey. What you get for the money is continuous development and features that you can’t get in free alternatives. For example, the next version for iOS8 will support the TouchID fingerprint sensor and the new extensions that will let it work with many more iOS apps. Currently, 1Password for both Mac and iOS has been reduced in price."  Note here that the price cut is temporary, but the upcoming iOS 8 version will be a free update. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/08/07/1password-for-ios-gets-temporary-price-cut-upcoming-ios-8-version-with-touch-id-support-to-be-free-update