Take a Look at Google's Insides

        Of course, you wonder what makes Google work!  Jim Hamm found this.  "Here's some pictures of Google. The print on each picture is too small for me to make out, but the first one must be their headquarters. The rest apparently are their servers, except the last one might hold the beverage for Happy Hour, as I understand Google is a relaxed workplace...(grin)...
        "If you use Gmail or do a search on Google, somewhere in this complex your enquiry is roaming around.
        "Just think of the electricity and cooling required to, ah, service all those servers," Jim concludes. 
        A suggestion to you and Jim.  If you wait a few seconds longer on each photo as it comes up your computer may enhance that tiny print so it's readable. Or, do the Command + Option + Control + 8 to toggle to the opposite colors.  Remember, when you're finished the full screen view you do the Escape key to go back to the original site's view.