Sugar on a Stick

Sugar? It's a learning platform that reinvents how computers are used for education for needy kids around the world. David Passell got involved in December 2007. He invested in a program called "Give One, Get One. " Hatched by MIT Guru, Nicholas Negroponte, the goal was to mass produce a small computer called the XO for $100.00 and distribute to classrooms.

Kids in Peru are pictured here using the computer, thanks to "Sugar," the free and open source software from OLPC (One Laptop Per Child).

They welcome donation of used USB sticks. Here you can read about Sugar Labs. Originally to run on almost any PC, it is now packaged as part of most major GNU/Linux distributions and is compatible with recent Macs.

FLOSS Manuals are responsible for the graphic design, editing, etc. More about OLPC is here. Activities the developers are working on are listed on this site. They welcome contributions, volunteers for designing, developing, fixing bugs, etc. Here's more.
David has actively participated in writing of FLOSS Manuals, and updating his own XOs. (Here it gets complicated with Python, Opera browser vs. Firefox, and tax deductible info.) For a summary of the project see this Wired Magazine article (6-19-09).
Want to know more? Corner David at a PMUG meeting; there's a lot more to tell.