Start-up Drive

I recommend that you download the free app “Disk Inventory X” and run it. This app will show you in graphical format what is taking up space in your computer in places you don’t even know about. It looks like this when you run it:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.06.26 AM

Each block on the right is an individual item or folder. The larger the block, the more disk space that item uses. Notice that when you click on a square on the right it shows you what that item is on the left. And if you click on an entry on the left, it highlights a square on the right.

And there’s a sidebar on the far right that lists all the items by size, largest first:PastedGraphic-1 jpeg When I ran this on my computer, it showed a huge block in a place on my computer that is for system files. That huge block was nothing more than a folder full of temporary files. Any file ending in .tmp can be deleted (some won’t delete because they are in use by an app at the time), so I deleted the contents of that folder (may require administrator privileges), and I recovered over 100GB of space on my computer.

John Carter