Special Recognition from PMUG

        At today's PMUG meeting three helpful members received a Certificate of Recognition for being the top contributors to this Newsletter for the year 2011.  Third place = David Passell.  Second place = John Carter.  And ..... drum roll, please .........  First place =  Jim Hamm.
        Other members who contributed info for this Newsletter during 2011 deserve mention, too.  Give a big smile to Art Gorski, Allen Laudenslager, Bobbie Pastor, Ward Stanke, Bill Williamson, Howard LaPittus, Zee Hamm, Sandra Garramore, and Ginger Carlson.
        The reason why many local Mac users join PMUG is because it's practical and interesting!  Prez Art Gorski voices his appreciation to all who take part.  And we look forward to a great year in 2012.  See you in January!