Sophos Anti-Virus in Action

        Thanks to John Carter for the following info:  "Sophos Anti-Virus catches all kinds of e-mail viruses. Here's an example that occurred on 12/10/2012:
Opening the Quarantine Manager showed this at the top... 
...and this at the bottom.   (Click on screen shots to enlarge, then click again to go back to the post.)
This shows that for the first time I got a virus that came in through Gmail. I usually get them in Yahoo mail.
        You can get details of the virus here. Fortunately for Macs, it only infects Windows, and it only steals information - like your bank account information.
        The threat was cleaned up."
        Then John sent a snapshot of the email he'd received from Chase Bank, asking him for more information, saying they'd let him know when his account was back to normal.  His comment, "It looks very official, eh?  I don't even have a Chase bank account."