Some Difficulties with Snow Leopard

"After upgrading to Snow Leopard, on many occasions, several programs have crashed during a save operation," so begins a report just received from John Carter. He goes on, "The save does not complete and any changes not already saved are lost. The programs in question are: NeoOffice, GraphicConverter, and Screenflick. All programs are the latest version available.

"The only thing that seems to help is to do frequent saves on small changes and not wait to save at the end of all changes/additions. Screenfick is the one program that does not lose the intermediate file during a save operation, but may require several attempts to save before one of them is successful.

"If you have a Canon MP830 printer and you want to do a scan using MP Navigator, forget it. It never seems to finish 'Processing calibration data from a scanner.' But if you scan the document from the front panel of the MP830 using the platen, it works just fine even though it takes a minute or two to warm up the scanner. The application that launches to grab the files from the printer is Image Capture. I have been unable to use the printer's ADF from either the front panel or from MP Navigator.

"Image Capture crashed once setting up for a scan operation (when clicking on the 'Show Details' button). Image Capture also seems to hang occasionally when changing resolution between scans and starting a new scan (message: Scanner is warming up). 'Force Quit' does not show the application as not responding, and pressing 'Cancel' during this time does not abort the process. Using 'Force Quit' caused the printer to hang and had to be powered off only by pulling the plug."