Solving Screen Saver Problems

        John Carter sends some screen saving ideas. "The following question came to me recently:   'My screensaver is set for one hour - however every time I watch [for example] Star Trek, the screen goes black in about 10 minutes and I have to reenter my password.  Pretty tight security :-O   How can I change this???'

       So, follow along for John's explanation and solution:  

        "There are TWO main settings in System Preferences to be concerned about. One is Screen Saver and the other is Energy Saver.

In Energy Saver, there are TWO settings. One is Computer Sleep and the other is Display Sleep.
In Energy Saver, you have TWO ways to set Computer Sleep and Display Sleep. One is when the computer is on Battery and the other is when the computer is plugged in (Power Adapter).
Check ALL these settings.
One application that I love is Caffeine 
(get it in the App Store). It allows me to click that little icon in the Menu Bar to prevent the computer from going to sleep no matter what.  It's great for watching movies, and I don't have to constantly go into System Preferences to change the sleep and power settings.